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lunes, 18 de julio de 2011

The Human Cathedral

I hear footsteps walking down my corridors
I see the light falling down in dying pain
I lick the darkness from my pasty walls
I feel the loneliness of my tired being

The dry eyes in my velvet windows
Follow me through my silent walk
And the everlasting spirit whispers
My name, and the need to talk

Don’t run away my little baby
There’s nowhere you can hide
But run if you want to little baby
It’s always fun to see you try
You know the bitter end is coming
You know nothing will ever last
Your every mourn and every sorrow
They are going to fall down sometime
And with the cold winter coming
The bright snow will paint it all white
Your sins and virtues are nothing
Underneath the shining light
So close your eyes and feel the wind blow
Let it take away your sickened pride
Let it take away your filthy honor
You won’t need them in your final shrine
We all come down to worship someone
And to become idols in our proper time
So go and run away now my little baby
And find your place among your gods
I think I’ll stay between my demons
At least, they make me feel welcomed
Every time I feel I’m going to fall apart

I hear the footsteps now leaving
The light is melting into black
The darkness is crawling up my walls and painting
His name upon my sadness hall

Farewell my beloved one
The one that makes me god
The one that kneels and loves me and kisses me
The blessed one, the holy one
My holy child.